Feminine braided hairstyles for short hair tresses more can be seen on television screens and in the catwalk of the world, to learn the basic rules of how to braid hair short, you can refresh the image and give it a novelty.

If you are the owner of short hair, do not despair, because even on a fairly short hair, you can create a beautiful weave of hairs, while using tools for fixing and invisible, can save a hairstyle for the day.

braided hairstyles for short hair 2
The basic rule for everyday pigtail short hair (especially for the types of haircuts stage, with different length strands) is weaving as close to the surface of the head. Quite often used on wet hair braiding, so your hair will not slip out of hands and will dutifully lapped falls, while additionally need to use gel, mousse or smoothing serum. On the square haircuts type (with the same long hair) can be braided pigtail and conventional of the three strands in the form of collars. You can find some beautiful braid techniques from this video.

How to braid hair short – we offer three options:

Let’s start just with those braids that frame the shape of the face, you can braid in different sides of the parting, or from one temple to another, and the remaining hair curl using forceps.braided hairstyles for short hair 3

  • Many stylists are confident that French braids are not subject to time or fashion, and why so many hairstyles with weave is used as a basis for this particular braid. So plaiting braids rim on short hair nm need clean, but not fluffy hair. If you have just washed your head, use any styling products, it will give your hair extra grip when weaving.
  • Separate the hair parallel to the hairline on the forehead and temples (ear to ear), the remaining hair from the crown and nape kill the clip.
  • Taking part of the separated hair above the ear, divide it into three strands. Begin braiding braids ear up using reverse French braid. In the opposite strand weaving overwhelmed by itself, adding new hair accordingly we hold them under the braid.

Instructions for braided hairstyles for short hair:

braided hairstyles for short hair 5

  1. Well comb massage brush clean dry tresses.
  2. Grab a piece of hair from his forehead, and divide it into three equal strands.
    Start twisting with an average alternately left and right strands. In addition, each time to capture and add a free lock of.
  3. Braid so that all locks and secure the rubber band. If it is not long enough, it is possible to fix the resulting braid with two invisible, fixed crosswise for braided hairstyles for short hair.braided hairstyles for short hair 6

They can braid, if the length of your locks is 10 cm or more. The entire surface of the head is divided into equal squares and begin to spin for perfect hair style as much as possible tight braids, weaving fibers. Price in stores on a weaving braided hairstyles for short hair is quite high, as it is very time-consuming work, which can take several hours.


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