Increase hair growth for men:

The physiology of the male and female hair loss. Comparison of the facts.  For a good facial hair growth in men is responsible hormone such as testosterone and at the time of puberty, the level of concentration in the body is quite high. To this level is maintained for life you must meet the following requirements:

  • To give up smoking.
  • Daily heavy exercise.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

To make facial hair growth in men increased need to fulfill all the requirements, but it should be done very carefully. Do not lean heavily on the vitamins, because you can cause significant damage to the body. You should also know that with age, their number is increasing, so it is sometimes necessary to wait in order to achieve the desired result and to please them. increase hair growth 2

Problem with Men Hairs:

Men’s hair is many times more fat than women. This is due to an excess of male hormone testosterone in the blood, which stimulates and accelerates the development of the sebaceous glands. This is especially noticeable during puberty and menopause.
The hair of men tougher than women. Under the influence of other male hair becomes shorter. He artificially slows down the growth of hair on the head, so that more bone got the hair on the rest of the body surface.
When the production of  enzyme decreases then hairs starts falling.

increase hair growth 3

Features of care for men’s hair:

An important role in the process of restoring hair growth in men and the prevention of their loss plays right so we consider the main differences between male and female caring procedures.

Men are recommended to wash your hair more frequently than women – at least once every two days, and it is better on a daily basis. In reality, the opposite is true: the women, most of whom are the owners of thin dry hair, wash your head every day, and even more frequently, and men with greasy hair difficult to get to the bath once a week.
Men more than women prone to dandruff, but the means to combat it desiccate the skin. We must use them periodically – month after month.
Hair Balm longer useful to men than women because their hair is naturally coarse and stiff, bad comb and better accumulate dirt.
Use specialized cosmetics for men.”

One of the main factors increase hair growth is a healthy sleep. Everything here is very simple because during normal rest the body recovers after experiencing the day and it happens at the cellular level. If the night is not enough to rest, then no significant changes will be seen.increase hair growth 4
If a man is predisposed to baldness, it will be noticeable as early as puberty. Starts strong hair loss, their place will grow thinner rods, and after 10 years, the growth stops altogether. Hair follicles overgrown by connective tissue and actually die.
The first sign of possible balding in the future fast hair growth on the back of the head and temples in comparison with the upper part of the scalp.
For all these reasons, the main task in hair restoration for men increase hair growth, it is to eliminate the negative effect of the hormone and prevent falling hair.


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