How to get best Girl hair cutting style

Of course, making decision for girl hair cutting style always very difficult. But this season, many celebrities, oddly enough, came to our rescue and After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that men need to ask a situation that may well happen in life. Here, for example, take the girl and shortly. Do they like girls with short hair? To find out, on a friendly site Mens Health we interviewed.girl hair cutting style 6

Many people helped to finally decide for themselves the question to cut or not to cut? Hollywood beauties to part with their long hair and thus demonstrate an example not only courage, but also practicality.
The name of a hairstyle that has become popular among celebrities, is a nice name. By the way, she came into vogue in 1953, after Audrey Hepburn made her for the film Roman Holiday. According to the storyline heroine, Princess Anne, cuts hair in protest. We think it is not necessary to say that meant Hepburn for their time one of its appearance on the screen in such a way was enough to make the cut a boy is incredibly popular.girl hair cutting style 7

Short or long hair?

Almost half of the respondents men nearly 50 percent stick to the most that neither is a progressive views. They believe that if a girl is a short haircut, and then let it has on health they will be only too happy.

  • A quarter of the male audience also did not mind that their girl made a short cut. However by going to the hairdresser her first attempt to dissuade. But if it remains unyielding, then so be it.
  • Frankly, we did not expect that men who have nothing against short haircuts it turns out that much. A staunch supporters of long so little. In any case we decided to find out what this world thinks about male public. And it turned out that the there is a lot less than we do.
  • According to reports, more than forty percent of Europeans and Americans prefer girls with long flowing waves of hair.The second highest number of fans were hairstyles. It was only the third those who like girls who wear the classic bob. How do you know if you go short haircut.girl hair cutting style 4

What short hairstyles of stars you seem successful?

Comparing the preferences of our men and foreigners, we realized that the point set early. And what if the man is not entirely honest with us? The reason for such suspicion had. In search of truth, we stumbled upon the results of an interesting study on the subject of women’s hairstyles. It turns out that a quarter of all men never dare to speak the truth about their friend’s new hairstyle.girl hair cutting style 3

And yet, for all its popularity hairstyle will suit not all. First of all it is worth remembering that the short hair style has always focuses on your face: emphasizes full lips high cheekbones, and large eyes makes it even more impressive. But if you have a round face and small features think carefully before visiting the salon. To get started, simply kill, hair and look, whether your short haircut. Also the is not recommended to owners of small tight curls to style of girl hair cutting style will be a hassle, and not have to wait for an adequate form.girl hair cutting style 9

You know the famous phrase the hair is not the teeth grow back? Oh, how many times have we said it himself, consoled after a terrible haircut, made in the next cabin. Now, of course, it is not about that, but the phrase is recommended to adopt. Moderate experiments it is always good, especially if the star fashion for girl hair cutting style vengeance try to make a short cut main beauty trend this summer.girl hair cutting style 1


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